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Friday, July 10, 2009

Tracey & Jeremy [Married]

Tracey & Jeremy are such an awesome couple and have such a loving family. It was so special to see both grandmothers sign their marriage certificate! Tracey's friends were such a blast; she's so blessed! Their whole day was beautiful and full of excitement! Best of luck for the future!


Ginni Corsello said...

wow Christine, while i was looking at some of these i was like, woh, my big sister took that! haha
honestly i love the first one, its casually formal, ha if you know what i mean, and i love the little girl in the mirror and the bride and groom leaning on the car, the chairs, the chandelier, and then them in the mirror of the car. i really like them all, lighting is awesome. But the ones i said i loved are the ones that really stuck out to me. oh and p.s love the sound track while i was lookin at your pictures, but really Chris, wow. LOVE IT

Elizabeth Chapman said...

So good to see that you are from Springfield, Missouri- neighbors so to speak. I absolutely LOVED the photos! ALL of them!! and the music makes it so much fun! Amazing photography.

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