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Friday, March 16, 2012

Things I Love {spring cleaning} Springfield, MO Photographers

So it's not exactly Things I Love THURSDAY but I've decided to post anyway. :-) I'm embracing my lateness. Alissa & I spent some time yesterday SPRING cleaning...OFFICE STLYE! There's more to do but it gets done fast with two people working at it. :-) Makes for a very happy & organized photographer! Thank goodness for technology, 90's dance music and Alissa's help! Now with easy scan technology and pinterest my office (and attic!) are less cluttered with paper. I would much rather put a disc of the year in the attic instead of a big heavy box. Hooray! Oh and don't get me started with paper clippings of inspiration that I just CAN'T trash. I am not a hoarder by ANY MEANS but "special stuff" somehow ends up everywhere. ;-)

The things I love this week are: My neat receipts scanner & orchid blooms
Ugh, what a MESS!

Before & After!!! 

Feels so fresh! 

Have a lovely weekend!


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