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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Things I love Thursday {Goofy Birthdays With Family} Springfield, MO Photographers

My niece Olivia and I both have April birthdays so we celebrate them together! I grew up sharing with my sister Ginni (also April b-day), so it's completely normal to me...makes for more fun! Livi turned TWO a few weeks ago and you can totally tell. ;-) Two year olds are always on a mission, throw rocks, cheese big & hard and get really messy. I think it's totally adorable. My nieces and nephew are an absolute delight & we all love them to pieces. I don't know where the goofy glasses came from (you'll see below) but somehow they convinced me to get a picture with them on. I think the ones of my bro-in-law Jim and nephew Gabe are pretty stinkin' hilarious. Love my family!

Birthday lunch!:
Playing with Buddha :)
Throwing rocks...I did NOT encourage this, don't worry!
Birthday love from Hubby
This was my birthday cupcake :)
Ava getting in on the 'cheesin' action'

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