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Friday, June 1, 2012

Holly & Joe {Married 5.27.12} Highland Springs Country Club, Springfield, MO Wedding Photographer

Let me just start out with this: the fact that I have such diverse weddings this year, makes me so happy! All three weddings last weekend looked so different and yet felt similar in a way. Genuine hugs & laughter, you know. ;-) All the couples have a common, vibrant & loving personalities, they value their relationships & they are extremely good-natured and thoughtful in character. Sorry if this is turning sappy and corny but I am so thankful that my clients and I have so much mutual respect and concern for each other. To me that is the best clientele I could ever ask for. Rather than 'this type of bride' or 'that style of wedding'. :-) Anyway, moving on...Holly & Joe are such hard working people. They have been living in two different cities, with full time jobs and studies, up until a week or so before the wedding. They're in Hawaii right now on their honeymoon and definitely deserve to be parked on a tropical beach with pina coladas. haha! Holly and I were both born in NJ and later in life, came to the Ozarks. Crazy, huh? They had such a romantic wedding at the Highland Springs Country Club in Springfield, MO. MUA Tracy Biggers did such a lovely job on the girl's make-up...they all looked gorgeous!  Oh and that dress! Love that gown from Norman's Bridal.

Holly & Joe (and the fam): Thanks for having Alissa & I apart of your love celebration. I'm so glad you guys are finally starting your lives together (in the same town, hehe). xo
Her mother's dress is on the left hand side. Love that! 
I loved their heartfelt hug even better than the kiss. So special :) 
Happy tears!

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