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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our 4th Anniversary! {Personal} Springfield, MO Photographers

In leu of a 'Things I love Thursday' post this week, I think it's more appropriate we celebrate love today, since it is hubby & I's 4th ANNIVERSARY! :-) Today marks the day I married my best friend (cliche, I know but it's so true!) It has been four wonderful years full of change, growth, devotion, appreciation, celebration & (oh the list could go on) LOVE! What the heck would I do without this guy!? I'm thankful that Levi allows me to be true to myself and always reminds me to be free spirited when I put too much on my plate. I never do that ;-) Levi is gentle & layed back and such a good balance for me and my crazy personality. I'm so grateful for him in my life! We hang out on our deck almost every night and talk, laugh and sometimes just quietly reflect on our day. It is so nice having someone there. He listens and 'gets me', sometimes better than I'd like to admit. haha! He challenges me to be a better version of myself and I don't take that for granted. SO incredibly thankful that he supports me as an artist & business woman and doesn't pressure me about things. I've learned there is so much room for growth and happiness when you don't have someone breathing down your neck. Where did I find this guy!?! I'd be surprised if you've made it through this paragraph but if you have, sorry for being a sap. :-) I'm a hopeless romantic. Just ask Alissa. (She's probably sick of my silly tears at all of our weddings. hehe).

Big thanks to Christi Sue Photography for capturing our love in April. :)

©Christi Chambers 2012


Anonymous said...

AWWW!!! You two are so stinkin cute, and it was so much fun to get to shoot with you. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Christine Bonnivier Photography said...

Thanks dearest! I'm still working so we'll see if we can get date night in... haha! ;)

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