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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We're getting a Makeover! {News} Springfield, MO Photographers

These past few weeks have been crazy & fun all at the same time. I've been anxious to have some extra time to brainstorm for our new look. I've jotted down a few ideas but nothing too substantial...until today :-) I put everything else on the back burner this morning & finally put what I've been seeing in my head onto an inspiration board. Every time I mention to someone that I want to incorporate a bit of orange into our new branding, looks at me funny. I don't care. :-) Sometimes images can explain things so much better, so I put these collages together on Polyvore. (Oh goodness...if you follow that link, be prepared to completely be off task for the next hour). I've wanted to use white, warm neutrals, & gold for a while but didn't see color having it's place in the mix, until I was browsing through a coffee table book of ours. This past weekend I photographed Layton's wedding & it dawned on me to incorporate orchids, when I was photographing her beautiful cascading bouquet. It sealed the deal for me. I'm loving this clean, fresh, romantic & unexpected color palette. What are your thoughts? What color palettes inspire you? I'm anxious to see your comments!

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