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Monday, November 10, 2008

Meet me

This is me.
I'm a young and sprite photographer.

In May of this year I graduated from the Antonelli Institute for Art and Photography, just outside of Philadelphia. The two years spent at school was such a wonderful learning and growing experience. I have so much to be thankful for.

On Friday the 13th in June of 2008, I married my best friend Levi. Let me tell ya... opposites attract.

photo credit: Corwin Prescott

We've recently been transplanted from northeast Pennsylvania, to southwest Missouri. Big change, I know but surprisingly, not a huge difference. Aside from not having a coast and some other small things, it pretty much feels like home. I've been really excited to be in this new area; it's been quite refreshing.

The goal of this blog is to create an "image a day" (if not more), to avoid growing stale.
Feedback is always welcome.

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steve said...

Wow! This is just the beginning. It will never wither 'stale'. Awesome start! Regards, Steve Corsello

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