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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Samantha & Derek {Wed}

Sam & Derek are dear friends of mine from college. For two years, we were in a class of 10 other students, all with the same passion...taking photographs! I’m sure you can imagine how close nit a small group can get. We were like siblings...we bickered, laughed (a lot), supported each other and of course were brutally honest. It was a fabulous environment for growth, both personally & professionally. I'm very thankful for my relationship with these two fine young people. I’m honored to have been apart of their festivities!
A little about them…
Sam is deceiving quiet at first but don’t let that fool you; this girl is spunky and I’ve recently learned, is quite the steamy kisser in front of the camera. ;) Derek is a smarta** right from the beginning (trust me, you won’t get a false impression from him!) Both are good kids with a loyalty to friends and family and a strong commitment to each other.

Their love story…
Obviously, I don’t know all the details here (hehe). In the fall of 2007, they came back to school all lovey dovey and lookin’ “pretty official”. Actually, it caught us all off guard! They had spent some time with each other that summer and hit it off pretty well (I mean come on, they both shoot Canon!) The rest is history!

Where they are now…
Mr. & Mrs. are both commercial photographers in Maryland, where they recently purchased their home. They have a (genius) cat named Sassy and an adorable dog named Tucker.

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