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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Valentine's Day Special {$99 Boudoir Session}

Ladies...we all deserve beautiful pictures and some special treatment. It’s about time we start feeling good about ourselves. It doesn’t need to be because you are getting married (although that's fine too). It needs to be because you don’t have an amazing photo of yourself and it’s time. Because you are deserving. Because a woman with great self esteem is such a gift to the world. Fewh, I'm glad I got that 'Oprah moment' out of my system! :)

Your Sweetheart will surely love some stunning pictures of you this Valentine's Day...

Boudoir and/or Glamour Special $99
1-2 hour Session
8x10 Portrait

Password Protected Online Gallery & marketplace
Location of your choice
$200 minimum print purchase

*Last booking: Wednesday Feb 9, 2011


What if I'm not a size two? Don't worry! Boudoir and Glamour Sessions are all about feeling confident and having fun! We love to photograph woman of all shapes and sizes. Work it! :)

Do I have to be in my undergarments? Absolutely not. We will photograph you in whatever you are comfortable in. *Need more suggestions on what to wear? Shoot me an email!

Can I pose nude? Contact me for more information:

Where will we shoot? Anywhere you want. If you'd like to have the session at a Hotel, you will be responsible for making those accommodations.

Do you have primping services available? Of course we do! Contact us and we'll be happy to set up your hair and make-up appointments on location.

Can I bring someone with me? Yup! As long as your female friend doesn't mind seeing you in your under-pants ;)

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any other questions!

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