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Monday, April 16, 2012

Elise & Ethan {in love} Springfield, MO Photographers

Recognize these pretties!? Elise is our 2nd shooter and we are so blessed to have her apart of the team this wedding season. She's also TYING THE KNOT this year! :-) Her and fiance Ethan are getting married this June and it's going to a gorgeous nuptial. Looking forward to all the fun, laughs and hugs! 

They were totally tickling each other! haha! 


Elise Abigail said...

Oh Christine, you did such a wonderful job, as a storyteller, friend and photographer. Love the photos, so excited that you are the one shooting our wedding. I know I can trust that you will do a good job and that I wont have to pick up my camera at all that day. LOVE YOU.

Christine Bonnivier Photography said...

Awe! Dearest! I'm glad you love them and that you are looking forward to wedding images...cause you know I am! ;) Super excited for you! This is going to be an amazing year! LOVE YOU!

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