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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things I Love Thursday {My Trip to PA} Personal

Last week I traveled to Pennsylvania to photograph Jordan & Nate's Wedding and when I got back I was so incredibly thankful for my time in the Harrisburg area. I haven't been that way since my friend Bethany got married in Sept of 2010 so it had been a while! I wanted to recap and share some images from the past week but as I started thinking about this post, it quickly turned into a blast from the past as well. :-)

Last Wednesday I woke up bright and early and caught my flight out of Kansas City by 7 am. When I finally touched down in Harrisburg, PA I was greeted by this lovely face:

I have known Carol since I was 6 years old. We literally decided the moment we met that we were going to be buds. No we are 17 years later. We can always pick up right where we left off! I LOVE THAT! Below are some pictures of us being silly :)

Then we had a lovely lunch in Camp Hill (not too far from Levi & I's 1st place together) with Kaity! Our other buddy ;-) We have pictures of the 3 of us together every year except 2011 :-( But hey, 11 years is pretty darn good! The image on the left (below) is in 2000 and the one on the right was just last week (please excuse the horrible phone picture, we were under a yellow umbrella)!  LOVE LOVE these girls!
Girls on my wedding day in 2008! 

So the week just kept getting better...then I was squeezed by this pretty lady (below right)! Bethany and I have known each other for years (as she is Carol's cousin) but we really got close in 2002-03 when we were high school age. Bethany is exactly 366 days older than me. She was born on April 20th and then one year and one day later on April 21st I can to be :-) We celebrated our Birthday's Sweet 16 & her 17th (below left).
Bethany & Carol (now and then). Love these girls! 
On the right hand side is Bethany & I.
We're only a year apart  but as you can see I was in like the 5th percentile or something. I was a SHRIMPY KID. 
Bethany's wedding in 2010
Us now! <3 

So, everyone still with me!? It's Wednesday, May 16, 2012 and I'm seeing these wonderful friends, whom I have so much history with and haven't seen in what seems like forever (all in one days time). And then...I see Hannah. We don't have a recent picture...bummer! But I've known Hannah the longest. I think since 1994-95 maybe? So long that I would have to go up into my attic to find pictures of us as wee ones spending time in Massachusetts (when her family lived up in Mass and I lived in New Jersey). Pre-PA days all together! Hannah dearest- It was so good to see you and your adorable son! Hugs and kisses! I haven't seen Hannah since 2008...but it was like nothing had changed. Below is me, Hannah & my sissy Ginni!

So after some major shopping, salad eating and of course talking into the night, the next day I was off to the Hershey area to photograph Jordan & Nate's I know from my College days! See the couple's entire wedding here.  Below is a little visual recap:

Antonelli girls ;-) 
Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Fancovic!

Lastly, I hopped on a jet Saturday morning and headed back to the Midwest! The trip was short and sweet & I'm extremely grateful for the time spent with friends and clients ;-) I was greeted by one loving hubby & puppy and ironically enough Bethany's hubby Eric who was in Kansas on business. Talk about a crazy few days!

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