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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Things I love Thursday {Production} Springfield, MO Wedding Photographers

So, nothing too glamorous going on over here but such is life. This past weekend we photographed 3 weddings, so we have a lot of post production going on in the office this week. :-) I'm thankful for that. Alissa helped me yesterday with Jenny & Curtis' Wedding and today we're going to knock out Maggie & Bau's. Tackling a long to do list but feeling confident and most importantly thankful for the opportunities to photograph some amazing people this year. This is what the office is looking like. Could be worse ;-) 

Above is my new simple display above my workstation. I stole the idea from Katelyn James who has a interior design background but a completely different aesthetic. This idea happened to translate. A mirror (to bounce around more light in your office), a picture of someone you care about and a little branding. ;-)

Thankful for a little break from this HOT weather. We have the windows open today and our air conditioner/electric bill is happy about that. This weekend was a soaker (record high temps) but we made it through. Kuddos to our amazing brides who were troupers in big heavy gowns and not once did they complain about being hot & uncomfortable! XO!

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