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Monday, November 10, 2008

Ripe bananas

I got a box from my family today. Inside were pictures that my little sisters drew, along with cute little love notes. Olivia (8) wrote the most thoughtful note. She's getting to that "big girl" age, whereas Liliana (7) is still the "baby girl". So the moral of the story is, the picture that Lili drew was this elaborate summer day. The clouds were full, the sun was hot, the trees had little critter holes and even some exposed roots. The part that really struck me as absolutely priceless, were the bananas in the trees, most of which were starting to over-ripen. (You know, with the brown spots). Starting at an early age, Lili only ate the borderline gross bananas because they were the sweetest. Just so cute, how little expressions of one's self come out so effortlessly, at such a young age.

These are for lil joy aka buddha baby

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