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Monday, November 10, 2008

The start of something good...

Dimanche 09 Novembre 2008:
Levi & I went to the Pomme De Terre Lake near our house. It's funny, we had this bet going about the name of the lake. He thought it was Indian (wierd, right?!). I thought the name was french. Unfortunately, there's not much I remember from French class, but for some strange reason, I was convinced that Pomme De Terre means "apple of the ground", better known as the POTATO! I was right. Thanks Madame B...It's nice to win a bet every once and a while.


Unknown said...

are you sure it was mrs. b that taught you pomme de terre and not mrs c? it was i who would not let you go on french 3, n'est pas?

avec beaucoup d'amour, mrs c

Christine Bonnivier Photography said...

i don't remember!
love you too ;)

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