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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Home is Wherever I'm with You {Southwest Trip 2010} Part II

In some areas, we saw footprints in the snow, right up to the edge. It's called gravity people and they have warnings...IN MANY DIFFERENT LANGUAGES!

In summary:
From Flagstaff, the road to the canyon was "far out". There wasn't even electric; we only saw a few homes, all of which were solely powered by solar panels. Levi was in a completely relaxed state. I don't think I've ever seen him spontaneously listen to classical music and drive at an ungodly slow speed. The locals that passed us (every few minutes, mind you) didn't even seem to faze him.

After an hour and a half of pine trees and dirt, we got the the south-east gate, paid our $25 bucks and were minutes away from the grand view. It was a perfect morning!

For me, seeing the canyon for the first time, was quite frightening actually. I was moved almost to the point of tears; I was overwhelmed and felt extremely small. I know that sounds dramatic, but this is coming from a girl who just 2 years ago knew only of the east coast. Mountains and canyons were only in books and pictures, not something I figured I'd see in my twenties. I certainly wasn't taking this unexpected reality for granted. Every second was a thought or a photograph. It was quite an all-consuming experience, one that I'm extremely thankful for.

Even though the canyon is mostly lifeless rock, it's so unique that it seemed to have a life of its own. As you can see above, it was cold, snowy and icy; not conditions for unprofessional hikers (although some crazzzzys were attempting it). We'll have to go back and stay for a week. Mark my words, I WILL GO TO THE BOTTOM SOMEDAY.

Part III "Going south" to come!

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Corwin Prescott said...

love the colors in this one kiddo

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