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Friday, March 9, 2012

Engagement Session {Tips} Springfield, MO Wedding Photographer

So, as we're approaching this month's engagement sessions, I figured I'd do a little post to help out (or do my best to).  :-) For years, my clients have asked about what to wear and what to expect, etc, etc. and I never really understood their anxieties, until I had to think about it and get in FRONT of the camera. (Which I plan on doing at least every year with hubby because it's a good exercise for me and I get updated images of Levi & I. Win. win.) I have a bunch of things to share with you and on the top of my list is:

Tip #1: Make sure you feel & look confident!
Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. When there is something that's "just not right" about your outfit or look, it can throw how you feel about yourself completely off. Make sure you feel 200% about what you're wearing and how you're accessorizing it. Do you feel like a million bucks?! Most likely you haven't settled for a wedding gown that is "alright" or "will do", so don't settle for that with your engagement session look(s). There are so many tools to help you online. Create your look using online resources and then plan your shopping trip accordingly. (Pinterest or Evernote are awesome tools I use while out and about and on my home computer). If you're wanting to stick with a simple dress, romper or flowy blowse, Forever 21 always has affordable options. If you're looking for something stylized and already put together view and shop "look books" like Ruche's Enchantment Collection. Look for links like "Shop by Outfit" at your favorite online stores or use H&M's web Dressing Room to put together outfits right on your computer or smartphone. With the technology these days looking and feeling CONFIDENT doesn't require a lot of time. (YAY for that)!! Honestly, I was so overwhelmed about my wardrobe until I did a little pinning and now I'm off to a great start with my Spring outfits. You can also do what I like to call, "build a blogger look". My favorite blogger (you'll see me reference her often) is Sydney from The Day Book. This is for the Brides who want a more urban, street fashion vibe. Whatever you chose to wear make sure it reflects your style, your wedding and most importantly makes you feel comfortable, confident and pretty! 

Tip #2: Don't be afraid to make a BOLD statement
I read a lot of  photographer's blogs and sometimes they advise: "beware of bright colors, patterns, yady yady yada...". In my opinion, wear what you feel reflects YOU. If a bold statement for you is a chunky gold accessory that you've paired with your subtle blush pink dress, awesome! If it's a pair of yellow pants or a bright red lip...go for it! Don't be afraid to implement a dramatic eye/lip color or an eye-catching accessory. Think outside of the box. I'm not suggesting you should look like a clown...make sure your choices are tasteful and that you "edit" before you exit your closet. Ask yourself, "Does my outfit, hair/make-up look effortless?" or "Is this going to be too much of a distraction?" If you're questioning either of those things, you are probably implementing a few too many bold elements. Keep it to one or two. ;-) 

Tip #3: Remember the details
  • Splurge on your hair and make-up. Email me: I know people :-)
  • Make sure those nails are freshly painted
  • Don't forget to clean the bling!
  •  Remember to take care of that unwanted facial hair (in some cases, this applies to guys too)
  • Guys- don't forget nice socks. We might catch a glimpse of them, so make sure your groom isn't wearing his gym socks. ;-)
  • Get some sleep the night before! Under-eye bags are noticeable & drab
  • There's probably a ton that I'm forgetting :-)
Tip #4: Don't be afraid to ROCK a hot pair of heels
Nothing makes for hot looking calves than some killer heels. Bring a pair of flip flops and we’ll swap them out when it’s time to take a stroll.

Tip #5: Avoid being too "matchy matchy"
I'm even guilty of this. Sometimes I just draw blanks when it comes to what my hubby should wear. :-) Choose accessories that compliment each other and avoid the "white shirt and blue jeans" look. Not to say that white tops are horrible! If you chose to go that route, break up the white with a punch of color. 

Tip #6: Remember the Ozarks can be windy
Don't forget your comb, hair-tie, bobby pins and hairspray just in case. 

Tip #7: Bring a few props if you wish
Remeber you are always welcome to bring props and fun things to incorporate into your photo shoot.  Balloons, vintage suitcases or anything that coordinates well with your wedding theme (or colors) are always good for a cute photograph. :-) 

Tip #8: Keep it to one clothing change
Although I don't limit this, I think my point is pretty self-explanatory. It just takes away from our time to photograph. 

Tip #9: Don't stress 
Seriously! If you're prepared and feel confident you have nothing to worry about! It will be a blast, promise! I don't suggest going on the internet and practicing different poses in the mirror that minimize your 'arm fat'. That is NOT the way to prep for your session. It will just create unnecessary anxiety. There will be plenty of time to go over flattering poses and techniques during your shoot!

Tip #10: HAVE FUN!

Hope this helps! Feel free to email me if you have a question or there's something I didn't address (I'm sure there's something I missed)!

Happy weekend loves! xxchris

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