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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Things I Love {a little front door face lift} Springfield, MO Photographers

When it's gorgeous out, I tend to have problems. a) I spend too much time indoors, in my office and it makes me buggy b) I makes these BIG plans to garden and landscape c) I go to the nursery and spend lots of $ on plants I don't have time to plant in the ground. So what did I do differently this year? I was actually realistic and I'm soooo proud. haha! I counted my containers and bought a few colorful, flowering plants accordingly. :-) I purchased a new welcome mat and voila! My front door looks a hundred times better and it didn't take long at all. Taking on a realistic project is so rewarding. Makes me sooo happy! My front beds might be covered in weeds (BIG ones too) but we'll safe that for another day ;-)

What outdoor projects are you taking on this year? Don't make me jealous now...

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