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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our trip to DC & Bethany Beach, DE {Personal}

So Levi & I talked about doing a trip earlier in May to the East Coast and the thought was just overwhelming to me. In the midst of photographing 2-3 weddings a weekend, to take another week in July off (we're going to Mexico in August) was a silly idea to me at the time. :-P But with the help of the girls and Levi (hehe), I finally got excited a week before the trip. It felt so nice to pack a bag and make plans to get out of town after the May/June wedding season craziness. SO NEEDED! This week in July worked out perfectly and I WAS ECSTATIC about seeing my cousins (and the beach, duh), who I haven't seen in ages. My Aunts where out of town (farther west in VA) that week, but I was so thankful for the time I could spend with Em & Katie! XO Girls!! Thanks for taking the time to hang with us ;-) Levi and I arrived in DC on Saturday and headed to Mike & Danielle's new pad (Levi's cousin). They just moved from Texas and hadn't had any visitors yet, so I'm glad we got to break in their guest room! :) Thanks for having us! We spent the weekend 'metro-ing' around town, site-seeing and eating yummy food of course. Monday we packed the truck (BBQ and all) and headed East to the shore. I'm so glad we chose Bethany Beach, DE because it was just the private beach I was needing ;-) SO beautiful and quaint and quiet...perfection. Our house was a stones throw away from the sand and the whole week was so amazing. Danielle and I did some food shopping before we left, so we were all prepped for our amazing planned meals. (You'll see below). I may have gone a little overboard with food pics that week. I apologize in advance :-P

Casey, Emily, Katie, Me, Levi
Levi & his cousin Mike
I never get candids of this what I look like in real life!? lol 
Mike & Danielle
White House
Gorgeous buildings...I lost my good light :( A storm was rolling in! 
Stars & stripes :)
Loved this couple posing in front of the White House
Met up with the girls again! 
Cousinly love ;)  (Plus a very avid photographer in the background! haha!)
Seeking shelter from the rain! 
After a cab drive to the Smithsonian, I obnoxiously made everyone take advantage of this amazing corridor. Silly photog...I couldn't help myself. They were closing and about the lock us in ;)  
Amazing french restaurant with no AC. We sweat it out and made the best of it. The place with packed with all sorts of eccentric people ;) Such a neat experience! 
Seafood mac'n cheese is how I do mac'n cheese ;) SO GOOD! 
We made it! 
Our cute & beachy little room :)
The grill master ;)
SO DELICIOUS! Cedar smoked/grilled salmon with a honey glaze...yum!
Local corn on the cob from a farm stand <3 
super yum!
I enjoyed an hour or so by myself one evening. The beach and my camera had a date :)
love this one...just peaceful.
breakfast of champions
Waterproof/underwater camera love!
PDA ;)
Another amazing meal! Shrimp and scallop kabobs with grilled veggies
I wanted to photograph Mike & was fun! 
Danielle took a few of us! :-D
another quick one before we headed to our deck for some drinkies
LAST DAY! :( The Bethany totem pole and crab cakes! mmm! 

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