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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Things I Love Thursday {Fitness Festival 2012} Springfield, MO

My husband Levi has always been into fitness and a was an avid cross country runner in his High School years. After high school he lost the desire to do anything competitive, until now. :-) Ironically, my sis-in-law  Callie was less involved in High School and is a crazy running fanatic now. *hehe*

Last Saturday Bass Pro Shops (founded here in Springfield, MO) hosted the Outdoor Fitness Festival's Conservation Marathon and it was super fun! Callie ran the Half Marathon and Levi, his co-worker and friends ran the Marathon Relay. Everyone did AWESOME and even Buddha bear came along and had a good time. It takes a lot of dedication and guts to do long runs! SO PROUD of everyone who ran!

Rise & Shine! Relay Team Pre-Run
There were thousands of runners & spectators and I somehow managed to get this shot. Probably because I have a great dane...people move out of the way ;-) 
Waiting for Dad!
Love from Aunt Callie. Buddha didn't like the fireworks ;) He shook for a few hours afterward. Poor guy!
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Unknown said...

I just hope I could also attend fun runs like this. Though I also think that having my personal trainer springfield mo is enough, I just want more friends who are into health stuff.

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