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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Things I Love Thursday {Right now} Springfield, MO Photographers

I really really love life right now! I have always been a goal driven, motivated person but I've had some challenges to overcome these past few years, that have bogged me down with doubt. Doubt can be a whole gamut of things: fear, uncertainty, lack of confidence...the list goes on. Let me be clear here, this is the kind of "will I measure up?" doubt, not the..."did I make the right decision?". So thankful for the peace I have in my heart, regarding my relationship with my spouse. I realize not everyone is blessed with the kind of uninhibited love I experience everydayIt is the best feeling in the world and I don't take it for granted! MUCHO GRATITUDE! :-)

I suppose, there will always be challenges and hopefully we are able to consciously learn from them and how to better handle them, right? (I read this quote recently and it stuck with me: "Without struggle, there is no strength.") As of late, I'm grasping how to love life. Not the few days that I enjoyed out of the month or year, when I wasn't a crazy person, trying to exceed expectations (be here, go there, be this, no be that). Gosh, it gets tiring! (You know what I'm talking about!) I eventually gleaned that these are my unrealistic expectations. Without going into a whole lot of nitty gritty details (because Lord knows there are a lot of factors), unbeknownst to me at the time, I was getting in my own way. Bottom line. Now, I own it. I realize, I can choose who/what's going to effect me,  how I'm going to spend my time and what I am going to make of my life. By no means have I mastered this but the realization has opened up so many new doors and opportunities for me. Trying to appease the masses does not work folks. Such a relief! I am truly having a ball and I'm so thankful for that. Really, I am :-) Sooooo...

...the 'Things I love Thursday' are:
-First and foremost my hubby Levi. I was/am notorious for packing 10 lbs. of crap into an 8 lb. bag and he challenges me to stop over-committing and slooooow down. I'm trying ;-)
-These lovely people who make me smile.
-Our new workflow and schedule!! This is MAJOR! Instead of going to WPPI this year and spending a whole lot of $$$ in Vegas, I took the time to learn a new and more efficient workflow here at home.  I purchased the tools I needed to implement our 'new system' and now I turnaround a wedding in ONE week. Culled, edited, blogged, backed up, album ordered, the whole bit. If you're interested in finding out more about my post production (and weekly schedule) feel free to email me and I'd be happy to share. It has made my quality of life so much better!
-My new and improved wardrobe thanks to Pinterest (oh hey, follow me btw) and Sydney Poulten of The Daybook. I was in a major rut and let me tell a few new statemented pieces with a little help from a fashion blogger and you will feel like a million bucks. At least I did :-)
-Gala Darling and her Radical Self Love 'Movement'. "Things I love Thursday" is something I've followed for sometime now on her blog and recently I chose to adopted the weekly ritual. Even if no one cares to view and check out my posts, it still makes me happy to have taken the time to do them. ;-)

Hope everyone has a splendid Thursday! Happy Early Mother's Day to all the Moms!


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