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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Things I love Thursdays {Sleepovers} Personal

GIRL TIME! :-) Alissa & I have been working our tails off expediting everyone's weddings, so we took yesterday evening off and went to the lake (where Buddha swam for the first time) and we got some much needed Vitamin D! (Photogs don't get much sun behind a computer, hehe). Then we cooked up some delish dinner! Holy cow...Hyvee had some amazingly fresh fish! Levi would be jealous ;-) It was just us girls and Pride & Prestigious last night. Today was back to the grind and we will be sending out Elise & Ethan's wedding, Kendra & John's (which I have to blog ASAP) and Rosie & Drew's before the week ends! Woo! Go team ;-) 

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