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Friday, December 14, 2012

Yay for 2012! {Personal} Springfield, MO Photographers

I recapped CBP's 2012 yesterday and decided why not go down memory lane again today. :-) Levi and I have had some really fun adventures and enjoyed the company of many a fine folk this year. ;-) It has been a blast! We celebrated our 4 year Anniversary as well as 4 wonderful years in our home here in Missouri. It's hard to believe all that has happened in 4 short years. What an incredible journey it has been :-)  Tonight 'the girls' (my Mom & Sister in law, niece and dear friend Kiley) are going the Nutcracker Ballet and tomorrow we are celebrating Christmas early, before Levi & I head east to celebrate again with my side of the family. I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday! Warm wishes and love to all this season! XO

We celebrated many Spring birthdays! Love my precious nieces and nephew  :-) 
We went to DC and visited family
Levi & his cousin Mike at the White House
My loves! Cousin's Em & Katie...xoxoxo
Spent some time with the Atlantic Ocean in beautiful Bethany Beach, DE. Love! 
Mike & Danielle- thanks for having us at your lovely home and for all the fun in Delaware
Buddha baby bear turned one. We're obsessed with him ;-) 
We spent a week in a Mexican paradise :-) 
So thankful for our wonderful friends & travel buddies Andrew & Kiley! They are such a blessing! We love you guys! 
Mexico spoiled us ;-) 
Our good friends Eric, Bethany and their adorable chessy pup Bodhi came all the way from PA to visit us! It's a big deal when someone travels a thousand miles to visit. We are so thankful! That week, we thoroughly caught up and reminisced old times. We also saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert in Tulsa. Thanks again loves! 
Levi, his sister Callie & our dear friend Andrew ran A TON this year and participated in Bass Pro's Fitness Festival. I am so proud of them! 
Some of my favorite people ;-) 
Happy Holidays from The Bonniviers!!! 
Many Buddha-grams and fun little updates flooded your news feeds ;-) @christinebonnivier 

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